Introduction to Articles

Articles 1-42 were first published in Horse and Rider Magazine and are part of a series in which Mary analysed a reader's position and riding style, based on photos sent in by the readers themselves.

Article 27 features US dressage rider Heather Blitz, who is pictured here. In the article she rides this horse's sire, the stallion Rambo

'what is dressage?' is a personal view

of the task we set ourselves when we decide to take riding skills beyond the level of getting from A to B. It talks primarily about what our interaction with the horse can teach us.


of women and horses
'Living your Love' is a chapter I was asked to write for the book 'Of Women and Horse', edited by Ga Wa Ni Pony Boy.

on the ball
Gym balls have hit the headlines recently as core stability has become recognised in the horse world as a key to riding skills. We have been using them since 1993, and even just a couple of basic exercises can make a huge difference to your riding. This article was written for 'Horse and Rider' magasine in the 1997.